Tuesday, November 20, 2007


So many people think love is about them and how they feel. I often hear, and have even said, "Ive never felt like this before" or "Nobody else makes me feel this way". I have learned though that love is not that feeling you get in your tummy, thats lust mixed with hormones. Love is much deeper and harder than that. Love is choosing to be there for that person through everything and loving them the whole way through. God says love never fails, that means that no matter how hard things get, your love will not waver. In my opinion that shows that you really only have one true love. I'm not talking about friends and family right now, just spouses. Everyone talks about their "first love" which in most cases is not the person they married. I can honestly say that my husband Chris is my first love. Yes, I told other people I loved them because I "felt" like I did. But those guys are out of my life now and I certainly don't love them now so therefore I never loved them because love never fails. People fall in and out of love all the time, my prayer is that they find out what God really intended love and marriage to be. It's so beautiful, it can be hard but it's one of those things that the harder you work on it the more beautiful it is.

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