Friday, November 30, 2007

Random Thoughts

*I'm going to miss my husband while he is in West Virginia but I'm very excited for some girl time with two of my close friends Rachel and Kimmie!!

*I'm excited for the party at Clay and Kim's house. I'm a little nervous to go without Chris though, I tend to be a little awkward (lol)

*I am looking forward to the Christmas parade tomorrow on Main Street. My mom and I plan on passing out the wish cards and bumper stickers while we are there, anyone want to help??

*Sunday is going to be exciting!! I can't wait for Clay to kick off the new series.

*I am so proud of my husband for sticking to his new healthy program. I love seeing him so motivated and I pray that he can avoid temptation while he is on his trip.

*I am proud of myself too for actually exercising on a regular basis and sticking to healthy eating :)

*I got to hold Christy's baby on Wednesday!! He is about the cutest baby I have ever seen! He is so perfect! I couldn't stop staring at him. I can't wait to have a baby!


*A coworker sent this video to me and it touched me so much I wanted to share it. It's a little boy calling into a Christian radio station.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Grand Secret of Life

I am currently reading "The Be-With Factor" by Bo Bosher and Judson Poling from Willow Creek Community Church. The Be-With Factor is mentoring students by letting them be-with you. Jesus chose 12 to be-with him through every day life, not just to teach them how to be a Christ-follower but to show them how. We should choose a few students that we really pour time into. Not a community group but allowing a select few to join us in our everyday activities. The goal is to have them "follow us as we follow Jesus" (1 Cor. 11.1) This is how we can really change some lives. Anyway, I wanted to share an excerpt from the book.

"At first this image looks counter-intuitive. The mother puts on her own mask; only after hers is in place does she help her child. How selfish! You would think the child ought to be the priority-his needs ought to come first. Wouldn't that be the compassionate-even Christ-like-thing to do?
Turns out it isn't. Without oxygen, the adult is likely to risk both her own and her child's well being. So if you were in the emergency, the correct order of events is to get oxygen for yourself first, then help others. SELF-CARE SUPPORTS OTHER-CARE. That is the Grand Secret of Life."

I think everyone should see that!! It's so important that we take care of ourself, not for selfish reasons but to effectively help others.

Read the book. It's amazing.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Proverbs 16:3

Commit your actions to the Lord and your plans will succeed.

I want to be a healthy person. I want to be someone who takes cares of their body because it is a gift from God. I want to honor God with every part of my life and that includes my body. I abused my body in order to "look good" for too long. Now I am no longer focusing on how I look but how healthy I am. It's so hard sometimes but now I have my husband doing the same thing and that means the world to me. It took me a long time to develop the unhealthy lifestyle that I lived so I realize it will take a long time to develop a new healthy lifestyle. I don't want to be on a "diet" I want to make a life change and that will be a long process. In knowing that, I will not get discouraged I will persevere with the strength that God gives me.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Birthday

Happy 24th Birthday to my amazing husband!!! I love you with all of my heart. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to be married to you! You make my life beautiful :)

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


So many people think love is about them and how they feel. I often hear, and have even said, "Ive never felt like this before" or "Nobody else makes me feel this way". I have learned though that love is not that feeling you get in your tummy, thats lust mixed with hormones. Love is much deeper and harder than that. Love is choosing to be there for that person through everything and loving them the whole way through. God says love never fails, that means that no matter how hard things get, your love will not waver. In my opinion that shows that you really only have one true love. I'm not talking about friends and family right now, just spouses. Everyone talks about their "first love" which in most cases is not the person they married. I can honestly say that my husband Chris is my first love. Yes, I told other people I loved them because I "felt" like I did. But those guys are out of my life now and I certainly don't love them now so therefore I never loved them because love never fails. People fall in and out of love all the time, my prayer is that they find out what God really intended love and marriage to be. It's so beautiful, it can be hard but it's one of those things that the harder you work on it the more beautiful it is.

Monday, November 19, 2007

First blog

Ooo my first blog! I'm not really sure who will read this except for my husband :) Well it's Monday morning and I'm back at work after being in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for a week. Nothing better then getting welcomed back by a big pile of work to catch up on! It's good to be busy though! Anyway, Cabo was amazing. Lead222 provided the trip for us. They are a network of student pastors and they absolutely amaze me. I met some incredible people that I hope to get to know better in the future! It was so nice to be around other women married to men in ministry, especially ones who have been at it much longer than me that can give me advice. Being in Mexico gave Chris and I a chance to refocus on God and each other. I can't even explain how awesome it was. I think the biggest thing I took from the trip was that I need to focus on NOW.... appreciating the beauty in the small things. It's easy to not even notice the amazing events going on around you because you are so wrapped up in planning for the future. I'm taking the advice of a wonderful woman I met last week and I'm going to keep a journal of every moment that really stands out to me. One of the first ones I wrote down was yesterday when I got to church the people who welcomed me back so warmly :) I was only gone a week but I was told how much I was missed and people genuinely wanting to know how the trip was! How beautiful is it to have friends like that. I could have missed how awesome that moment was if I had been focused on something else. Well I have to get back to the pile... God bless!