Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Grand Secret of Life

I am currently reading "The Be-With Factor" by Bo Bosher and Judson Poling from Willow Creek Community Church. The Be-With Factor is mentoring students by letting them be-with you. Jesus chose 12 to be-with him through every day life, not just to teach them how to be a Christ-follower but to show them how. We should choose a few students that we really pour time into. Not a community group but allowing a select few to join us in our everyday activities. The goal is to have them "follow us as we follow Jesus" (1 Cor. 11.1) This is how we can really change some lives. Anyway, I wanted to share an excerpt from the book.

"At first this image looks counter-intuitive. The mother puts on her own mask; only after hers is in place does she help her child. How selfish! You would think the child ought to be the priority-his needs ought to come first. Wouldn't that be the compassionate-even Christ-like-thing to do?
Turns out it isn't. Without oxygen, the adult is likely to risk both her own and her child's well being. So if you were in the emergency, the correct order of events is to get oxygen for yourself first, then help others. SELF-CARE SUPPORTS OTHER-CARE. That is the Grand Secret of Life."

I think everyone should see that!! It's so important that we take care of ourself, not for selfish reasons but to effectively help others.

Read the book. It's amazing.

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Jim Evans said...

Great stuff Heather!! It's a privilege to watch you and Chris as you grow in ministry and in your marriage. As someone with "many" years in ministry, I have learned the "grand secret" the hard way. Great blog.