Tuesday, August 2, 2011

One day I will post about my weekend on a Monday... I promise! This past weekend was pretty awesome. Friday night the hubbie and I just had a chill night at home. Saturday I did exactly what I had planned. I met my good friend Erica at 7am and we did a 4.7 mile run and then we did a 3 mile hike on some trails. I was pretty excited because our average pace was 9:34 for the run.... I am usually closer to a 10 minute mile. I thoroughly enjoyed it =] After that I went home showered and went over to Erica's place and we watched the first two twilight movies and ate Indian food. It was great and between the exercise and the heavy food I fell asleep early and slept hard that night! On Sunday I pretty much read all day and cuddled with the doggy I was watching. My dog Sammie is not cuddly at ALL so it was nice to have a dog who wanted to be close to me! I think I will be begging Chris for a lap dog now! I almost finished my book One Day. It's pretty good but I have a feeling the movie will be better which I hardly EVER think. The book is just kind of... drawn out. Still good though. So yeah not a very eventful weekend but I have no complaints =] The past couple days I have had some really good runs, I feel like I am actually getting faster which makes me feel good!!

In other news, I am going home/on vacation on Friday for 10 days! Chris and I wanted to get away and have some time to ourselves before the craziness of law school begins! So not only will we get that time together but I will be able to see my family as well. I am super excited and Friday cannot come fast enough!

Well so long for now! Here's a couple pictures for you 3 people that read my blog...okay I exaggerated.. you 2 people!

My hubbie surprised me with this book that I wanted and I LOVE it!! It had some amazing tips that I really think are going to be very beneficial!

Am I the only one who "squeals like a monkey" (my hubbies words) when their favorite magazine shows up in the mail?!

Just one of the gorgeous views on the hike!