Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday, Friday, FRIDAY!

Hmmm so what's new in my life? Not much! That's why I haven't updated in forever! I just don't know how interesting running, trying to eat healthy, work and school are to you guys...

Oh well it's interesting to me so here goes...

This past weekend I did a race called Run 4 Their Lives which is sponsored by a ministry called Freedom 4/24. This is a cause my husband and I really have a heart for. Extreme poverty forces many girls and women to sacrifice their bodies and dignity in order to provide for themselves and their families. The race is $24 to enter. This pays for a girls "fee" freeing the woman or girl for 24 hours and taking her off the streets into a safe haven. At the safe house, the exploited woman or girl will be shown a permanent route out of the sex industry through the provision of education, food, appropriate employment, and physical, emotional, and spiritual health care. Check out the website for more details :

So the race was a 5k and I got 28:24 which is a 9:11/mile pace. I wish it was a little better but I am happy with that considering I am fairly new to running. Below is me finishing the race. It's my first intense running picture.. pretty excited!

I ran for a little girl in Guatemala named Eva.

I have recently started eating clean which means sticking to all natural foods... nothing processed. My husband and I are doing it together. We are not going to be ridiculously strict about it but we are going to try to stick to it about 85-90% of the time. The biggest reason I have started doing this is because I really think it will help with running. I want to get more serious about running and up my mileage a bit. I have a 5mile race coming up on the 12th. I am excited for this because I have only done 5k's so far so this is getting me out of my comfort zone!

Since I started eating clean I have had a lot of fun making different salads. Fruit and nuts in salad is pretty much amazing! So are kidney beans! I can always use new idea though so if anyone has any recipes let me know ;)

Mixed greens avocado, pecans, carrots, white kidney beans, onions and balsamic vinegar as the dressing. Mmmm!
So these are some things I am excited about:

Finally being a senior in college... it only took me like 5 years to get here lol! I will be done with my undergraduate in Education in about a year! Wooo!

A new Bible study that started last night called The Truth Project with some pretty amazing girls. I know that God is really going to challenge me through this study and I am stoked about it!

The Holidays!!!!

There are other things too but this post is long enough so I will end it here =]


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