Saturday, May 31, 2008

Can I just say that I love Fridays and I am very sad when they over. See Fridays are now officially me and Chris' day. We both have off work so we get the whole day together to do whatever we please!!! Well yesterday was a pretty lazy one which was just what I wanted and needed. One thing I love about my days off is that I don't have to rush to the gym and back - I can take my time getting there and I can work out as long as I want! So I took advantage of that and did 25 minutes of weights and 60 minutes of cardio!! Go me!! After that I went tanning and then came home and made my new favorite breakfast - cottage cheese oatmeal pancakes (don't knock it 'til you try it!) I have been having a blast finding and making new healthy recipes!! So after that I just laid around and watched tv for a couple hours then I went to visit my mom for a little bit. Chris was very busy preparing for the message on Sunday - so I tried to give him a little time to himself. Then at 7 we went and hung out with an awesome couple from church - Amanda and Ben. We ate chicken and shrimp on the grill! Chris had to take over cooking because Ben had to run out for a bit and Chris was in heaven because he loves to cook - especially grilling!! After a very yummy dessert (Strawberry Shortcake) we went and saw What Happens In Vegas - which was hilarious!!

It was a good day! =]

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