Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Gold Calf

Exodus 32 talks about when Moses was taking a long time on the mountain the people started freaking out and asked Aaron to make them some Gods to lead them. Moses wasn't even gone that long and they were already in desperate need of some kind of direction so they just gave in to the false idols. I can not help but think of the teenagers when I read this. When we take them to camp or any kind of Christian event they get all fired up for God and they are ready to change their lives. But as soon as they get back to school where they don't feel God like they did at the event they give in to the Gold Calf. They go back to following the ways of the world because that is what is right in from of them. It's easy to focus on God when you are at a God-centered event, it's not so easy otherwise. Everyone (including adults too) wants to be directed by something and if it's not God it's going to be something else. That is why it is so important for us to get the kids so fired up for God that they can carry that over into their everyday lives. And I just have to mention that I think our Youth Pastor is doing a great job with that ;0) But the first step is for us as adults to stay fired up for God so that we carry it into our everyday lives and display it for the younger generation.


Chris Gastardi said...

Those are some awesome words and incredible insight. That just might turn into an illustration for a future message. Thanks for the encouragements and most of all thanks for being my wife...I love you and thank God for His special creation.

Jim Evans said...

Great insight Heather!